We're looking for a bunch of miracle workers to join our rocket ship!

Destination? Digital stardom!

we're hiring

Boomers is looking for full time miracle workers to join our star(t)-up to help us blow our customers minds.

For the moment we are looking for integration developers and architects in the Belgium region and would love them to have European passports or work permits, not because we have a preference or bias but because it is making the lives of our admin staff just sooo much easier when sending them on abroad missions.


When our clients turn to us with their typical integration problems, which we often refer to as “spaghetti with meatballs” -given it is one of our favorite dishes-, our engineers, architects and project managers use their awesomeness to impress our customers with their trailblazing yet simple to implement solutions using the Dell Boomi application stack. Moreover, are they highly focussed to help our customers obtain additional value from their Boomi solution by not thinking outside of the box but by thinking there is no box, by either finding a way or making one, by “making mom proud”.


In short, your main job will become “doing epic shit” by challenging prevailing assumptions and suggesting better approaches for them, by re-conceptualizing issues to discover solutions to problems that were hard to crack and by just writing astounding code. Our entire solution offering is centered around the Dell Boomi solution stack hence we also would require you to become "boss-level" on the entire Boomi solution stack.

You’re good at

  • Logic and solving puzzles

  • English, any other language is an asset

  • Advocating and emphasizing

  • Writing the best and cleanest code

  • Working with minimal oversight and remote


Extra awesome

  • Technical experience with integration solutions (Dell Boomi, Informatica, Tibco, Software AG)

  • You have read and are super excited about our culture deck (to be found on our website)

  • You don’t directly associate a SOAP service with a prison shower or a REST service with a fluffy pillow and a cosy bed

New to Dell Boomi?

For all those that are new to Dell Boomi but interested in the position and company we encourage you to apply. Don’t worry about training we got it covered, all we require you to have is dedication and resilience, bone deep resilience.


Let’s talk soon!

Contact us on +32 (0) 473 51 11 49 for more information or send your CV and cover letter to info@boomers.boutique.