An integrated tool that empowers

employees throughout their entire lifecycle at a company.

Your Challenge

People are always excited and full of energy when they start a new job. It is our mission to take advantage of that positive energy by giving them an awesome employee onboarding experience that makes a real impact.

Our employee accelerator tool will help you bring your people on board quicker, integrate them better, and make everyone’s job easier!

As today’s organizations are saturated with tools, there is no easy way of getting rid of them and starting all over (unless you are a start-up). A lot of tools in today’s market are geared towards employee engagement and try to get over this problem by combining cross-platform functionalities into a single App. 

The problem is not creating a functional/transactional app across different platforms available in an organization. The real problem at hand is to efficiently connect this tool to all those platforms and integrating and maintaining all the data streaming in and out the platform and connected business applications.



At Boomers, we have built an integrated tool that empowers employees throughout their entire lifecycle at a company.


It starts with facilitating a smooth onboarding process where future employees are fully engaged in their soon to be working environment. The app continues with delivering commodity to everyday tasks such as registering a holiday, booking an expense or approving a workflow using your fingertips. It can even help in communicating an RSVP for the planned retirement party of the employee 30 years later.

Our solution is built around three main Boomi functionalities.

Integration components

Making use of Boomi’s best in class integration components allows us to integrate your cloud, on-premise and

legacy systems in a professional manner.

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Master data components

These are included to enable the validation, cleansing, enrichment and merging of records… allowing data to be entered only once, but to be connected everywhere.

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Workflow components

Given no two companies are the same, we did not bother to create one size fits all worklfows, instead we foresaw rich capabilities to create you own workflows tailored to both your needs and culture.

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Does it sound familiar when the functionality of your existing onboarding tool is limited to dropping a PDF in IT’s services desk tool when a device has to be ordered for a newcomer? Which in turn has to be picked up by a technician to be recreated in a workflow for approval and followed up to be ordered at the hardware vendor?


Consider it a thing of the past since BEA is designed to maximize the benefits of a state of the art integration tool making sure that:

  • All necessary approvals are obtained by means of integrated workflows.

  • The newcomers' IDs are automatically and timely created in the respective systems without the intervention of the helpdesk.

  • The newcomers' devices are ordered in the ERP system and with the vendor after the necessary approvals were obtained.

In the end, IT is informed by means of a ticket that is automatically created and closed at the same time, making sure they are aware of the actions taken and can assure the equipment is timely installed and delivered to the newcomer's workplace. This is only a small example of the functionality we packed in BEA and the automation we can drive.

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